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The Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program is designed to challenge and empower the teen Pathfinder with new and increased responsibilities, while allowing them the security of a place they know and love. The TLT experience will assist the Pathfinder teen to form adult-Pathfinder relationships as an expression of their developing identity as teenagers. The TLT member must learn how to give of themselves and how to receive from others. They must allow themselves to be known while getting to know others.


Download the new 2014 TLT Manual



How to Register as a TLT

There are two steps to register as a TLT.  The club application only has to be completed once, but the Area registration should be completed each year.


  1. A Pathfinder or high school age youth wishing to join the TLT Program must complete a TLT Application Form (page 23 of the TLT Manual) and obtain three recommendation forms (page 24 of the TLT Manual).  Recommendations should not be from a family member or current club staff member (Suggestions: one from a pastor, one from a teacher, and one from a church leader such as an elder, deacon, etc).  These forms should be turned in to the Pathfinder club director by the deadline determined by the director.
  2. After the local club has accepted the TLT’s application, they need to be registered with the HBA TLT Program:  Click Here to Register

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