Houston Bay Area Pathfinders


Club Registration/Certification

Each club needs to be registered every year with both the Texas Conference Youth Ministries Department and with the Houston Bay Area Pathfinders.  Each member (PF and staff) pays $3 to the conference and $4 to the Houston Bay Area.
The deadline for this year’s registration is November 30, 2017 (Conference) and December 31 (HBA).


Conference Registration:

To register with the TX Conference, each director should create an account on the UltraCamp website, and then follow the directions to register the club. Click Here to Register


Area Registration:

Click Here to Register with the Area

Click Here to Register your TLTs with the Area


Payments for HBA will only be accepted electronically via QuickPay, SurePay or any other email bank transfer.
For more information about payments please contact us.


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