Houston Bay Area Pathfinders


Pathfinder Triangle Emblem

This is the symbol that represents the Pathfinder Club. The 2-inch (5-cm.) triangle is worn on the cap, beret, etc. The Pathfinder Club emblem 3-inch triangle (7.5-cm.) in the local language is worn on the right-hand sleeve, shoulder high.


Pathfinder Club Name

These are worn on the right sleeve of the shirt/girl’s blouse, and dress uniform jacket ½-inch (1.2 cm.) below the shoulder seam. It is worn above the staff name strip and Pathfinder triangle on the right-hand sleeve.


Staff-Office Sleeve Strips

Area/district director/coordinator, club director, deputy director, instructor, counselor, and junior counselor may wear a strip designating their position; it is centered below the club name 2-inch (5 cm.) below the shoulder seam and ¼-inch (.08-cm.) above the Pathfinder triangle on the right-hand sleeve.


Pathfinder World Emblem

This oval symbol, containing the Pathfinder triangle, represents the worldwide organization of Pathfinder Clubs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This symbol is worn on the left-hand sleeve of shirt/girl’s blouse, and dress uniform jacket. It is positioned ½-inch (1.2-cm.) below the shoulder seam.


Pathfinder Class Chevrons

The following are a description of Pathfinder recognition insignia: Are located on the left sleeve below the Pathfinder world emblem. The order from top to bottom is Master Guide, Guide, Voyager, Ranger, Explorer, Companion, and Friend. All persons (Master Guide Included) should wear only the class insignia in which they have been invested.


Master Guide Star

An embroidered gold star is worn on left-hand sleeve. When all Pathfinder classes and the Master Guide course have been completed, the Master Guide Star and all the individual chevrons may be worn.


Class Pocket Strip

Centered just above the left pocket of the shirt or blouse is the Pathfinder Class pocket strip for the highest Pathfinder Class in which the individual has been invested. It should be level with the top of the uniform shirt pocket.

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