Houston Bay Area Pathfinders


Neckerchief, Pathfinder

This is yellow in color with the World Pathfinder emblem as the logo on the back. An optional slide is available. This may be worn by all inducted Pathfinders and Non-Master Guide Staff.


Neckerchief, Master Guide

This is yellow in color with the Master Guide Crest printed on the tip of the triangle. The distinctive Master Guide slide with the Master Guide Crest is used with the neckerchief. It is to be worn only by those invested as Master Guides.


Pathfinder Class Pins

Upon Investiture for each class, the Pathfinder obtains a pin of recognition to be worn on the uniform: These may be worn centered across the top of the left pocket. The Master Guide pin would be placed in the center at the top of the left pocket with pins of other classes in which the Master Guide has been invested centered in a row below, or the Master Guide may choose to wear only the Master Guide pin. When advanced level insignia have been earned, the class pins may be placed on the sash.


Advanced Pathfinder Class Ribbon/Bar

This is worn only by those completing the requirements, on the left side of shirt or dress just above the Pathfinder Class pocket strip.


Pathfinder Excellence Ribbon

This is worn on the left side of shirt, blouse, or dress above the pocket. It is usually above the Pathfinder Class pocket strip or Advanced Pathfinder Class Ribbons.


Captain and Scribe Badges

To be worn by captain and scribe on the sash, or positioned above the right pocket, on the shirt/blouse.


Pathfinder Staff Service Stars

These are obtained from the conference/mission director. There are two options: 1) Embroidered fabric stars may be worn on the right sleeve centered ¼-inch (0.08-cm.) below the point of the 3-inch (7.5-cm.) Pathfinder triangle emblem. 2) Metal stars may be worn on the left pocket. Only one star with the numeral indicating the accumulated years of verifiable service should be worn.

Service stars are awarded annually by the conference/mission that keeps a record of the years of service.


Epaulettes, Stripes, Stars of Rank.

An optional green epaulette is worn by teen Pathfinders, junior counselors, counselors and instructors. Optional gold stripes, bars, stars or various colored braids are worn for each level of conference leadership. These items are selected by local conferences, unions, or Divisions. Not more than one option may be worn and must be standard within the organization level selecting in.


Shoulder Cords

If you wear cords, you may only wear one and it is worn on the left shoulder.

The following is the policy except for the TLT Braid.  If you wear a shoulder cord, it should consist of,  A braided main cord, two outside shoulder loops without ornamentation

Is to have a gold pencil device at end of tips.  Is not to be the nickel tips.

If the conference adopts cords, ranks are represented by the following colors

  • Drill and drum cord team and leaders-white
  • Club Director – Gold/non metallic
  • Assistant and/or Associate Coordinators – Gold and Kelly Green
  • Coordinators:  Gold and Scarlet
  • Conference Executive Coordinators, Conf. Directors, Union Directors – Gold, Scarlet and Royal Blue

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